We welcome this morning Father Bob Wallace as our Celebrant and Preacher.




DURING THE INTERREGNUM the Churchwardens and Ministry Team will do everything to keep things running smoothly. Regular updates will be in the Pewsheet and monthly Newsletter.


RESULTS OF ANNUAL MEETINGS 2019: The Annual Meeting of Parishioners and Annual Parochial Church Meeting were held in church on Sunday 7 April. At the AMP Bob King and Carol Martin were appointed to serve as Churchwardens.
At the APCM Lesley Daniell, Barbara Giles and Marissa Tribe were elected to the PCC for three years. Thanks were expressed to retiring PCC members Mechaela Gubbins, Bob Semos and Anna Staple for their contribution to the PCC during their term of office.

Lesley Daniell has agreed to continue as Parish Safeguarding Officer.


WE SEND A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE MINISTRY TEAM AND CHURCHWARDENS who worked hard to ensure our Holy Week and Easter services continued and ran smoothly.


IN CELEBRATION OF EASTER SUNDAY Madeleine has kindly provided Prosecco and soft drinks in church this morning. Thank you Madeleine!


HALL HANDRAILS UPDATE Unfortunately there has been a further delay from the suppliers of the handrails. As soon as the problem is resolved, installation will continue


YOUR PRAYERS In the parish and congregation: Philip Barry, Marion Gallier,

Summer-Louise Sparham, John Spruhan, Stephanie Webber. Others known to us:

Juliette Barber, Lyra Bonté,  Rupert Hankey, Lawrence Horsey, Maurice James,

Maddy Kelly, Lilly Payne, Michael Pearse, Brian Rowley, Maybelle Stuart,

Alan Walker, Jean Wilkinson.

RIP Gerald.

Years Mind Douglas Cracklow, Philip Plane, Stan Pape, Kay Edwards, Joan Horton, Paul and Janet White, Charlie Thompson, Eric Thomas, Dorothy Warner, Joan Rogers.