The Ministry Team provides the pastoral care for the congregation and parish. They meet together once a month to support each other in their work and to identify ways of developing the pastoral and worshipping life of the congregation.

We are currently in an Interregnum and are in the process of seeking a new vicar.

Sarah Blew - Licensed Reader

Morwenna Semos - Reader with Permission to Officiate

Lynne Buckley - Pastoral Assistant

Lynne is a Pastoral Assistant at Holy Trinity Lamorbey, Visitors’ Chaplain at Rochester Cathedral and Spiritual Director as part of the Spirituality Network for Rochester and Canterbury Dioceses.

Anna Staple - Pastoral Assistant & Anna Chaplain

Anna writes, 'Having been confirmed in 1979 and married to Paul in 1987, the next biggest event in my life was being authorised as a pastoral assistant. During the two years of training, God took me apart, put me back together again and he made a really good job of leaving a lot of the bad bits out and using new parts. My cup is not half full or empty, it is actually overflowing with the love and grace of God.'