Christians are called to be generous in all aspects of their lives. Christian stewardship is a way of life in which we regard ourselves and our possessions as a trust from God to be used in his service. 

This means that we are stewards of everything God has given us: our time, our abilities, our possessions, our money and our whole lives. As disciples of Jesus Christ we have the joy, excitement and responsibility of being involved in building up God's Kingdom.

What can I do to help?

Time and Talents

Have you got skills, gifts and talents which could be used in the service of the gospel and the Church? Perhaps you have professional skills which could greatly contribute to building up our common life together. Have a think about whether you could take on a regular commitment in an area of our church's life and help us to build God's kingdom within our parish. 


It currently costs £80,000 a year to run our church, that is just over £1,500 a week. We receive no external funding. The vast majority of our income comes through generous members of our congregation giving to support our work, the fees we can charge for marriages and funerals and rental income from our church hall.

Give regularly

The best way to support our parish is to prayerfully consider what you can give to help resource our mission and ministry. By joining the planned giving scheme you can ensure that your giving is received regularly and reliably so that the church can balance its books and budget confidently for the future.

Please contact our parish treasurer for information on how to join the planned giving scheme. All conversations are held in the strictest confidence. 

Tax Efficient

If you or your partner pay income tax, the government will refund the tax you have paid on the donation that you make. This can increase your donation by 20% at no extra cost to you.

To complete the relevant form please contact our parish treasurer. 


Once you have made provision for your loved ones, you have the opportunity to make a lasting gift to God, by leaving a legacy to his church. A gift in your Will to your church is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can continue to support its mission and ministry within your community.

A gift can be an expression of your gratitude and thanksgiving towards God, and can help keep your local church alive, and help transform its future. 

For more information visit churchlegacy.org.uk